Photo by: Lily Bertrand Webb

Wednesday 11th October from 9am at Dover Street Market, 18-22 Haymarket, London SW1Y 4DG. Tickets are £70 (ex VAT) per person for members who are not part of the Art Patron scheme.

Womenswear wünderkind Molly Goddard is “London’s designer of the moment” according to The Evening Standard – and she’s still only in her late 20s. Quintessentially members can take breakfast with Molly at Dover Street Market as part of our Art Patron scheme, or independently. If you can’t make it, or simply can’t get enough Molly, enjoy this short conversation with Quintessentially that she was kind enough to make time for.

Q: You use detailed sets for your catwalk shows, and you’ve presented to the public at the Victoria and Albert Museum. What are your thoughts on catwalk shows as live experiences? And what was different about showing your work in a public context?

Molly: “Personally, I really love doing a show. We work so hard making the clothes, and I love having an event which celebrates this and feels like closure on a long period of work! I like the whole pomp and tradition of shows, the politics of the front row and the pre-show stress. It’s quite a cathartic experience. I really enjoyed showing to the public at the V&A, it was fun to do a show which everyone could come to. I would have been so excited as a teenager to go to a show. It was very much about creating a spectacle, a ‘show’ rather than a trend-led catwalk, which made it really fun and something I would hope to continue to achieve with my other shows.”

How do you manage to balance your fine craftsmanship production values with releasing affordable – in a high fashion sense – pieces?

“It's one of the biggest challenges for us, I am constantly inspired and excited by hand craft but it's not practical for us to work like a couture house all of the time. I don’t ever want to stop using hand craft techniques so we develop techniques which reflect hand craft but are more practical to make, and also are training our factory to use some of the traditional techniques we do use, which is really exciting. I plan to continue using the craft techniques, but balancing that with a range of other more wearable/affordable pieces.”

You told Vogue that your (current) autumn/winter 2017 collection is “more grown up”. How and why is this?

“I think the woman I imagine wearing the collection is more grown up. Nothing to do with age, just someone who has a certain level of confidence rather than a clumsy awkwardness which had previously excited me.”

You studied and made your name in London, can you see yourself continuing to be based here and how do you feel about the city as a crucible for creative talent? Is the situation in the city for creatives changing? 

“I grew up in London, so everything I know about the city plays a big part in what I make and what we do as a business. Nightlife is a big part of designing for me, I like to think about what I want to wear when I go dancing or to the pub. So long as no more clubs close, London will continue to be an exciting place to work and live.”

What aspects of your work and philosophy do you hope have made you a fashion star at such a young age?

 “I have been very lucky. I found a really cheap studio space two years ago and I worked with my boyfriend who worked on the money and business side of things which I couldn’t have done without. I also received backing from the British Fashion Council, and the Centre for Fashion Enterprise, and The Chelsea Arts Club Trust, all of which provided support for the shows, or mentoring. I still work closely with my family and friends, which I feel helps to make us all very ambitious. We also built strong relationships with our stockists and factories early on, which is one of the most important things because you can't really do anything without them.”

Critical acclaim and a celebrity clientele have come quickly for you. Do you have a vision of where you want your career to go in the next five years?

“I would love to have a shop, it's always been a dream! A space to show everything you love.

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